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Radiation Protection Technicians/ 1 month ago


We are Hiring for Radiation Protection Technicians.
Location: UAE
Mobilization: March- June 2024
Contract- Long Term


1. Monitoring Radiation Levels: Radiation Protection Technicians use specialized equipment, such as Geiger-Muller counters and scintillation detectors, to measure radiation levels in different areas. They regularly monitor radiation levels to ensure they are within safe limits.

2. Implementing Safety Measures: They enforce safety protocols and procedures to minimize the risk of radiation exposure. This includes wearing protective gear, setting up restricted areas, and implementing proper shielding materials.

3. Conducting Inspections: Radiation Protection Technicians inspect radiation sources, equipment, and facilities to ensure they are properly maintained and functioning correctly. They also perform regular checks on radiation monitoring devices to ensure accurate readings.

4. Responding to Emergencies: In the event of a radiation incident or emergency, these technicians are trained to respond quickly and effectively. They may assist in evacuations, provide guidance on decontamination procedures, and work with other emergency personnel.

5. Training and Education: They conduct training sessions and workshops to educate workers on radiation safety practices. This helps raise awareness and ensures that everyone understands the risks associated with radiation and how to protect themselves.

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