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Urgent required for Qatar. Pump Operator.


  • Regularly checks the operations of pumps, valves, chlorine equipment, reservoirs, and related appurtenance (standby diesel generators).
  • Check reservoir’s dip levels manually twice in a shift.
  • Records hourly reading of reservoirs level, distillate flow, pump status, rising main flow and pressure, electricity consumption on hourly basis in his eight (8) hour shift.
  • Monitor Chlorine & Chlorine dioxide and Operates chlorinator by either mixing bleaching powder or starting gas chlorination system according to the required residua
  • Reports every fault inside reservoir, like small leaks, gas leaks etc…, also reports every maintenance work (Instruments, Mechanical and Electrical).
  • Maintain clean control building, pump house and chlorination building.
  • Performs other related duties as needed upon request by the immediate supervisor.
  • Previous knowledge experience with SCADA operation is a must.

Send us complete documents with experience letter.

Group Abu Abdullah Lahore
Contact: 03334794445

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